2014 | Clarity Manuscript Consultants, LLC


Listed below are some of the services Clarity Manuscript Consultants provides.

Grammar Editing and Revision

  • We thoroughly review your paper for typographical errors, and errors in descriptions/spelling of medical/technical terminology.

  • We correct errors or inconsistencies in tense.  For example, "We did this procedure" versus "We do this procedure".

  • Review the paper for proper subject-verb agreement. For example, ‘they is enrolled…’ should be ‘they are enrolled...’.

  • Assess for appropriate application of definite articles (the) and indefinite articles (a, an).

  • Check for proper use of prepositions (of, to, on, onto, etc.).

  • Review the manuscript and make changes for correct punctuation (proper use of commas, periods, colons, semicolons, etc...).

  • Correct inconsistencies in the spelling of the same word throughout the manuscript.

  • Check and correct for consistency in the use and symbolism of units of measurement.

  • Correct errors in inconsistencies in the use of first and third person narrative (switching ‘I’  to ‘he, she, you or they’ forms).

  • Check and correct for inconsistencies in British or American English spelling.



  • We offer services to identify potential journals suitable for your paper's topic and impact, as well as provide assistance in formatting for specific journals of your choice for future submission. Guide for Authors information about journal formatting artwork preparation instructions can be found on your journal's homepage and can help you best prepare for instructing our consultants on how best to prepare your document.

  • If English is not your native language, we offer high-quality English language editing and revision services for researchers and physicians preparing manuscripts for publication in international scientific and medical journals.We can also help facilitate communication between the author and the publisher to ensure accurate and timely progress from submission to first decision and beyond for submitted manuscripts.



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